Midnight Trailer Treat: Dead Silence (2007)

My golden age of horror continues in this brand new Midnight Trailer Treat! Tonight I present the absolutely creepy 2007 release, DEAD SILENCE.

I remember seeing this the first weekend it came out; I got off of work early on Friday morning, picked up some popcorn, and sat my butt down in an empty theater. The feeling of someone coming up behind me and ripping my jaw off still haunts me to this day. I honestly love this movie; I watched it twice in theaters. Plus, I own the unrated cut on DVD.

The film was conjured up (haha) by Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The reason why I love this movie is because it plays out like a twisted fairy tale. The film did bombed at the box office, but I think that’s because it was way ahead of its time.

Having watched it again, I can see a young horror icon in James Wan budding. We even got an early creepy creation from him by way of Mary Shaw the lead creeper in Dead Silence. Check out the below image. If that doesn’t give you the pimples of fear then I’m not sure who or what you are.


5/5 Buy it!