Blumhouse Resurrects Halloween!

It’s been 7 years since Rob Zombie gave us his terrifying vision that was Halloween II. I was hoping we’d get a trilogy from the Monster God RZ but we didn’t. And thus began another Dark Age for Michael Myers.

Years went by and rumors of a new Halloween spread like a plague. Whispers of a Halloween 3D almost became real. We even got a taste of something sweet when Halloween Returns was announced. But it was quickly slashed to death. My fear that the Halloween franchise would never be seemed too real.

But something happened tonight that changed everything.

The Internet exploded a few minutes ago when filmmaker and horror machine, Jason Blum of Blumhouse announced they will be co-producing the new Halloween film! But that ain’t the best part! Horror God John Carpenter will executive produce!

Let that sink in. Not only is the best franchise in history getting a kick-start but the man who created it all will have a creative hand deep inside its meaty belly!

Ladies and gentlemen, when Blumhouse backs a legendary horror franchise, you can bet your last box of Boo Berries that we are in excellent hands. I literally want to backflip, Willy Wonka style, around the block!