Blair Witch Movie Review

So my doctor told me I have high blood pressure. I guess it’s unusual for someone my age to have it. Stress related or something. I’m all good, though. That is until I saw the official Blair Witch sequel.

I tried standing up when the lights turned on. I guess I was rigid with fear because my knees almost gave out on me! I was totally exhausted. The Blair Witch totally kicked my ass.

I was expecting a good movie that milked the source. What we got instead was a Force Awakens type of experience. The original served as the foundation and the rest was completely building up more of the mythology. On top of that the filmmaking behind this gem was absolutely on point. 

Director Adam Wingard utilized some fresh found footage techniques. Everything from drone footage to mini cameras. Beautiful work. The thing that I loved was the reason for having the footage displayed in such away makes complete sense. 

The icing on the cake was the pure and utter terrifying suspense that was carefully dropped on us. It all blended so damn well I nearly died. Thank God I didn’t get a heartattack because I would have missed the the insane ending!
Blair Witch is undoubtedly going to become a huge franchise that will dominate the box office. I’m on board with what Lionsgate and company have up their sleeve. The Blair Witch is only the beginning of the nightmare! I can see this going to so many different places. Not just in story but in marketing as well. Just gimme it all!


Midnight Trailer Treat: Dead Silence (2007)

My golden age of horror continues in this brand new Midnight Trailer Treat! Tonight I present the absolutely creepy 2007 release, DEAD SILENCE.

I remember seeing this the first weekend it came out; I got off of work early on Friday morning, picked up some popcorn, and sat my butt down in an empty theater. The feeling of someone coming up behind me and ripping my jaw off still haunts me to this day. I honestly love this movie; I watched it twice in theaters. Plus, I own the unrated cut on DVD.

The film was conjured up (haha) by Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The reason why I love this movie is because it plays out like a twisted fairy tale. The film did bombed at the box office, but I think that’s because it was way ahead of its time.

Having watched it again, I can see a young horror icon in James Wan budding. We even got an early creepy creation from him by way of Mary Shaw the lead creeper in Dead Silence. Check out the below image. If that doesn’t give you the pimples of fear then I’m not sure who or what you are.


5/5 Buy it!