It’s Alive Horror Podcast is BACK!

Chris and I have always feared that a great dark age would befall our podcast, It’s Alive! Horror Podcast. Well that shit happened. Why did it happen you ask? Well, I had a baby, I moved twice, and when we started to settle down and gear up the plague was dropped on THE ENTIRE PLANET – And I got it. So that sucked.

David Pumkins once said, “To each leaf comes hours of yardwork.” I have no fucking idea what that meant but my take is that life is a bitch sometimes. So we deal with it. And Chris and I dealt with it by constantly talking up ideas for new episodes. It was only a matter of time before we would record something #fresh.

Last week we baked a nice hot n’ fresh episode just in time for our favorite holiday, Columbus Day. Comedy!

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So here we are. Almost two years into the void and Chris and I finally smashed through with a delicious ( I dislike this word when used this way) episode for October. It’s a fresh start and a fresh angle. The nugget of it all is getting back to being the creative people we are. Our goal is not to pander to the horror fan. Our goal is to pander to ourselves. Because we can.

So prepare yourselves for our honest opinion on Halloween 18 and the upcoming Halloween Kills. We also sprinkled in our favorite Halloween sequel AND deliver our very own Halloween movie pitches.

We hope you have a blast listening to the upcoming episode. We truly do. Thank you for staying with us.


Sad Dracula Finds Halloween Stuff!

What’s this? What’s this?! There’s something in the air! I beg thee do not fear. For Halloween is here!

And it is at this time that I would like to share, if you care, my finds so far of this most delightful season.

So as the Autumn clock slowly ticks, take a look at these Halloween pics!

99 cents for a new friend? Not bad!

Zombie hand gummy lollipop? Yes x100!!

I found this guy at Goodwill. It’s licensed from New Line Cinema. I think it was supposed to be a Freddy Krueger scarecrow!

Three 50 foot Bud Light cardboard banners and 4 Omega Virus board games. Life is good!

That horse mask is terrifying!

I found this across the street from my place. He wins Halloween

We all float at AMC Theater

The new Pennywise deserves this spot!

So happy to see that Leatherface is getting some shelf time.

My podcast partner and I found these awesome cardboard standees at an all night flea market!

The Munsters carriage was at the all night flea market as well. So freaking awesome

Well that sums up my brief Encounters with Halloween 2017. I’ll definitely be posting more pictures in the near future.

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Horror Toys and Collectibles For Cheap?!

I spent this 4th of July weekend drinking with the Kraken, blowing stuff up, watching Jaws on AMC, and best of all, browsing the world-wide web for awesome horror stuff! Nothing beats looking for deals for the things you love! If you’re like me, though, you don’t throw your hard-earned coins at just anything.

Yes, I want everything and anything related to horror. No, I will not waste my money if it doesn’t fit my three rule of horror collecting:

1. Will it add a discussion to my horror collection?
2. Is it unique in its own market?
3. Is it at the best price for me?

My holy trilogy of buying was on fire this weekend while I was hunting for cool JAWS merch. I was all over Amazon, Ebay, etsy etc. looking for something tasty. Something that would add to my ever growing JAWS collection. My collection ranges from a storyboard scene signed by Joe Alves (the production artist for the original film and eventual director of Jaws 3D) to awesome ReAction FUNKO toys. So you can imagine I was looking for something that would add on to the discussion.

I am happy to report that I found something so insanely cool that I just had to write about it! After much searching, I am the proud owner of the limited release of The Premium Motion Statue of the Orca by Factory Entertainment.

Check it out:

The Orca Attack scene is now mine!

The Orca Attack scene is now mine!

This bad boy is hand painted polyresin statue that will own the center of my Jaws collection. It’s one of those pieces I would see at a convention and wish I could get. It usually runs close to $100 in the wild which meant my wallet could never brave the donation.

I found this bad boy at this awesome online toy store called Not Just Toyz. They have everything from the NECA 8″ inch Freddy Kruger with the fabric sweater to the fully articulate BAT GREMLIN from Gremlins 2. I even found the 1985 12″ inch Godzilla under $20 bucks!

Make Not Just Toyz your #1 place to shop for awesome horror treats and more! By the way they have just about every single Walking Dead figure out there!

Shop well!

Blumhouse Resurrects Halloween!

It’s been 7 years since Rob Zombie gave us his terrifying vision that was Halloween II. I was hoping we’d get a trilogy from the Monster God RZ but we didn’t. And thus began another Dark Age for Michael Myers.

Years went by and rumors of a new Halloween spread like a plague. Whispers of a Halloween 3D almost became real. We even got a taste of something sweet when Halloween Returns was announced. But it was quickly slashed to death. My fear that the Halloween franchise would never be seemed too real.

But something happened tonight that changed everything.

The Internet exploded a few minutes ago when filmmaker and horror machine, Jason Blum of Blumhouse announced they will be co-producing the new Halloween film! But that ain’t the best part! Horror God John Carpenter will executive produce!

Let that sink in. Not only is the best franchise in history getting a kick-start but the man who created it all will have a creative hand deep inside its meaty belly!

Ladies and gentlemen, when Blumhouse backs a legendary horror franchise, you can bet your last box of Boo Berries that we are in excellent hands. I literally want to backflip, Willy Wonka style, around the block!


Michael Myers kills again in ‘Halloween Returns’.

It appears that Dimension Films and Trancas International Films have announced the resurrection of The Shape in a new installment of the Halloween franchise titled, Halloween Returns. This marks the 11th installment of the legendary franchise.

Halloween Returns has been written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Dunstan, who was the writer of the Project Greenlight winning film, Feast, will also direct. The new duo have worked together on the Saw Franchise – film four to seven.

That’s all fine and dandy but is that enough to bring Michael Myers back to the his original killing form? Halloween fans got to see a fresh take on the series with Rob Zombies brutal retelling. Though RZ’s films offered a different view of Myers I, and most fans, still found myself craving the return of the classic Boogeyman. But will we get that?

Probably not. Why? It’s simple – Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Meltons entire film career consists of poorly received horror films. Sure they spawned sequels from The Collector and Feast but what horror movie hasn’t spawned a sequel? Feast(1) is barely a cult film. Saw 4-7 are deemed the worst in the series when it comes to the writing. They seem to be over the top gore whores that focus purely on Torture Horror. So what does that mean for Halloween?

It projects the possibility of overly gory Halloween film. Which, in turn, projects another Rob Zombie like take on the series. Which is something, I am sure, fans do not want to see again.

Oh. Guess what? Halloween Returns begins filming in July. That’s less than two weeks away! So what will be see in HR?

The awesome, all things horror site, shocktillyoudrop has revealed that Halloween Returns will have Michael Myers escaping death row and killing again. They also revealed that a reoccuring character from Halloween II will be featured as well. The general consensus is that the film will be taking place after the original Halloween II. Ignoring everything else in the franchise much like Jurassic World did.

With filming underway next month we can only hope that Malek Akkad will help guide Dunstan away from his views on horror and give us the Halloween movie the world craves.

Their are only a few ingredients to a successful Halloween film. A simple plot weaved within the Myers legacy is one of them. But the main ingredient is simply reminding kids that something is out there, watching them from the shadows, a shape…a shape of pure evil.

-The Gaunt