Horror Toys and Collectibles For Cheap?!

I spent this 4th of July weekend drinking with the Kraken, blowing stuff up, watching Jaws on AMC, and best of all, browsing the world-wide web for awesome horror stuff! Nothing beats looking for deals for the things you love! If you’re like me, though, you don’t throw your hard-earned coins at just anything.

Yes, I want everything and anything related to horror. No, I will not waste my money if it doesn’t fit my three rule of horror collecting:

1. Will it add a discussion to my horror collection?
2. Is it unique in its own market?
3. Is it at the best price for me?

My holy trilogy of buying was on fire this weekend while I was hunting for cool JAWS merch. I was all over Amazon, Ebay, etsy etc. looking for something tasty. Something that would add to my ever growing JAWS collection. My collection ranges from a storyboard scene signed by Joe Alves (the production artist for the original film and eventual director of Jaws 3D) to awesome ReAction FUNKO toys. So you can imagine I was looking for something that would add on to the discussion.

I am happy to report that I found something so insanely cool that I just had to write about it! After much searching, I am the proud owner of the limited release of The Premium Motion Statue of the Orca by Factory Entertainment.

Check it out:

The Orca Attack scene is now mine!

The Orca Attack scene is now mine!

This bad boy is hand painted polyresin statue that will own the center of my Jaws collection. It’s one of those pieces I would see at a convention and wish I could get. It usually runs close to $100 in the wild which meant my wallet could never brave the donation.

I found this bad boy at this awesome online toy store called Not Just Toyz. They have everything from the NECA 8″ inch Freddy Kruger with the fabric sweater to the fully articulate BAT GREMLIN from Gremlins 2. I even found the 1985 12″ inch Godzilla under $20 bucks!

Make Not Just Toyz your #1 place to shop for awesome horror treats and more! By the way they have just about every single Walking Dead figure out there!

Shop well!