Directors Who Should Make A Horror Film.

So I was under the shower when I had a fun thought slash across my mind : What if the Coen Brothers made a horror movie?! It would simply be amazing.

This led to me thinking about a few other directors who, for unknown reasons, have not explored this oh so juicy genre. I was actually feeling a bit sad. So I decided to call out a few of these talents in hopes of shinning a light on the fact they would be great for the genre!

Let us begin!

1. Martin Scorsese – This legend has come close with Cape Fear and Shutter Island. However, those are purely thrillers. I want to see him lend his vision to true horror. Knowing his work, I can see him entering the supernatural subgenre. Maybe a hotel haunted by Mafia ghosts! Whooaaaa!!

2.  Jeff Nichols – The filmmaker that gave us Shotgun Stories, Mud, and Take Shelter. His muse is the great Michael Shannon. Imagine these two playing with a dark, Southern Gothic spookfest!

3. Coen Brothers – The brothers would literally create the most epic horror film of all time. I smell an all American slasher film set in a small town. Drooling.

4. Clint Eastwood – I demand a brutal and bloody western that deals with Native American monsters. That is all.

5. Farrelly Brothers- The Dumb and Dumber creators would be perfect for a ridiculous horror comedy. We are do for one.

Well, that’s all for now. Bye.