The Gaunt Reviews: Prime Cuts: A Graphic Novel – Vol. 1

Prime Cuts: A Graphic Novel – Vol.1

My bleeding eyes have tasted something sweet and fresh, dear readers! It is with eager fingers that I implore you to read what I have experienced. The indy comic world has a beating heart once again! The Cult of the Graveyard Machine, I give you a throbbing thick review of – Prime Cuts: A Graphic Novel – Vol. 1.

Freshmen year in high school, I found a palm sized sleaze comic at school. It was tucked away between The Dark Knight Returns and Sin City. This 10 page booklet was a dirty secret that I had in my back pocket for a week. It was filled with murder, sex, and “cock-cussing” bad language. I will never know the names of the creators that gave me that nervous read. But it doesn’t matter because that feeling has been resurrected ten-fold in Volume 1. of Prime Cuts.

Creators John Franklin and Tim Sulka have Frankensteined the classic tale of Sweeney Todd to the point of brilliant originality. Set in post apocalyptic world where meat has become something of a rarity, law and order is nothing but an idea. Sure, things still function, like Pops Pizza, but anything and everything can happen in a blink of an eye.

The moment our hero, Todd Sweeney, leaves The Cosmetology Prison, we enter the madness that is Prime Cuts. It never strays from its moral code of true grit. We all know that Sweeney Todd is a tale of revenge and fate. Prime Cuts takes that and literally says, ‘fate? fuck that’. It completely dices and slices up what you would expect, and presents the raw meat that you ain’t suppose to eat!

When I finished Prime Cuts I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I got when reading that “dirty” comic as a kid. It wasn’t a perverted boner filled feeling. It was a proud discovery feeling. Weird? Let me explain. Prime Cuts is a graphic novel that you read and pass along to your friends. With a knowing grin you say, “Have you ever read, Prime Cuts?”

Read well,

The Gaunt

Prime Cuts: A Graphic Novel – Vol. 1 is Graveyard Machine approved! Primce Cuts is written by creative team Tim Sulka (Children of the Corn -666 screenwriter) and John Franklin (Isaac from Children on the Corn). Check out the details using the links below!

For a limited time, a free download of Prime Cuts, vol. 1 is available FREE at! Hard copies are available for sale at  Volume 2 coming soon!

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