Achievement Unlocked.

I’m back working fulltime. It’s an odd thing to complain about but my 3 months off the grid (  thanks to COVID-19 )  was fantastic.


I did get the virus.

But what I also got was unstoppable and untouchable time. I had not felt freedom like that in over 10 years. It was religious.

The day I was put on furlough, I told myself that I would write a horror screenplay and submit it. Well, I did just that. Not only did I write and submit a script, but I also wrote a handful of short stories. It’s been grand.

As cheesy as it sounds I feel like I found my pulse again. Something that keeps me going.

No, I’m not going to give up working my day job in order to write the next great American novel. But what I will do is hold on to the pen a little more tightly this time around.

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