Hidden Faces: Rob Zombies Halloween II

So I watched Rob Zombie’s H2 for like the 100th time. My experience with RZ’s H2 is kinda like when I asked for a super soaker hydro cannon but got a water gun super aqua blaster 2000. But after playing around with it I discovered that it’s actually pretty fucking awesome.

Yes. I love Rob Zombie.

With every viewing, I began to see something new. Whether it was the ultra-realistic violence or the top notch acting from Scout Taylor Compton I keep peeling back the delightful layers that the movie holds. This time around I started noticing some familiar faces lurking within the gore-fest of a movie!

Some will be a no-brainer but others will hopefully provide a, “oh yeah!” reaction. I know it did for me when I pulled the credits up on the ol’ internet system.

Let’s roll!

  1. Stretch from Texas Chainsaw Massacre II


Caroline Williams, famous for playing the super sexy and cool as icce, Stretch, from Texas Chainsaw Massacre II also plays Dr. Maple in H2! She can be briefly be seen and heard in the total fucked up hospital slaughter. RZ is a huge fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So seeing Stretch only confirms how awesome he is when it comes to paying homage to the greats!


2. Octavia “Ms. Academy Award” Spencer plays Nurse Daniels!



How freaking awesome is it to see Academy Award winner (and drop dead funny), Octavia Spencer, to make an appearance in the bloodiest Halloween film of all time!? Her death scene, for me, is on my top 5 most intense kills of all time.


3. Richard Riehle from Office Space is BUDDY!


One of my favorite characters from Office Space is Tom Smykowski. Why? Because I literally worked with someone who not only looked like him but acted like him! Always high strung and on the edge = super hilarious in the workspace. Mostly. Anyways, Smykowski plays Buddy, the kind security guard at the hospital that of course gets destroyed by sabertooth aka Michael Myers.

4. Margot “Lois Lane” Kidder was the Haddonfield psychiatrist in H2!

My friend pointed this one out. I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t have noticed it! What I do know is that she played Kathy Lutz in the original Amityville Horror film! Glad to see RZ continues to dig deep into the horror classics!


5. Mark Christopher Lawrence was the random cop at the end of H2 but he was also in Terminator 2!

This one is really random. At the end of H2 I saw a face that I thought looked familiar. At first, I thought it was the cop from Die Hard. So I looked him up and behold I found that it was one of the security guards at the psych ward from Terminator 2! He was partners with the mega butthead security guard! Guys, I ain’t playing here. T2 is a fav of mine and this fucker stood out. GOD DAMN IT!

I truly hope you guys give Rob Zombies’s Halloween II. It’s purely a Rob Zombie film. However, it’s one of the most brutally violent with the one of the best character archs in the franchise. Scout’s performance was truly awesome. From Suburban high schooler to a tormented monster, she wins all the prizes.

Here’s some Halloween advice – Watch Halloween II and Trick R’ Treat back to back.


Merry Christmas.




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