Your Opinion Matters

Today I would like to remind you that it’s okay if you want to like or dislike something popular. This heavily applies to the world of horror. Heavily. Applies.

I really don’t like zombie movies. This opinion gets me crucified by my fellow horror fiends. But I really don’t give a rats ass on what they think. However, I see that the pop culture mind control machine prevents real opinions from being had for fear of not fitting in.

Like what you fucking want to like. Write, read, watch what YOU want. If you’re at a party and everybody is bitching about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake that you love, speak up! Don’t let robots crap on your views. Tell them how and why your opinion matters. Because it does!

Just remember that your views and opinion is what makes YOU unique. It also helps keep things fresh. So dear reader, stay fresh or join the mundane horde of popular opinions and slowly rot away.

Godzilla Resurgence sucked….

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