I Found The Spirit of Halloween 

I usually find myself at a thrift store or flea market on any given Sunday. However, when Halloween hits all plans change – top priority is to plunder all things Halloween. I’m talking pumpkin patches, haunted houses, ghost tours, and Halloween stores. And that is exactly what I did today! Behold SPIRIT HALLOWEEN 2016!! 

Spa Day mask.

Every year my jaw falls off when I see the new seasons innovations. The gore, the masks, and the mechanical spooks are absolutely killer. This year is simply looking to be one of the best!

LSD is not fun.

From the clearcoat looking wounds to the carefully painted blood, these props are terrifying! Even the severed neckline has this rough texture that puts the prop a-head of the game.

One of my favorite things to see are the new mechanical characters. Especially if if they bring back the killer SCARECROW! Ya gotta love his dialogue!


By far one of the best masks I’m the store today. The creep factor is on point with this no faced stfu mask.

So here is a classic. A classic that THEY never get correct. I’m not sure why but Myers seems to always be off. That is if you by the budget masks. The hair and mold seems so…Nicolas Cage?

This guy reminded me of something Clive Barker would have conjured up. He’s totally scary as shit. His background noise was getting louder and louder. I’m sure he’ll be a huge sell!

This gorgeous lady was totally rocking this Woman in Black thing. I’d tap that…

A face only a mother could love. Once again the masks are a huge win at Spirit Halloween!

I need that cutout!

This set was insane! Three headed devil dogs kick major Halloween ass!! 

I love signs. This sign was a quick buy! Spirit Halloween is the best place for a Halloween party!

The hotel set was perfect. I wonder if you can buy the whole thing? I’m sure you can if the price is right.

Boo from Ghorewhore! Halloween 2016 is going to kick so much monster ass!!!! 


1 thought on “I Found The Spirit of Halloween 

  1. Yes you can buy the entire hotel. Unfortunately, I missed out on getting all four elevator shafts as someone bought two before I purchased the unit. It still looks good.

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