Lights Out – Fear the Dark.

Tonight, my fiancee took me for a walk to see an advanced screening of David F. Sanberg’s feature film debut, Lights Out. The best part is she let me off the leash!

Lights Out was originally this amazing short film called, you guessed it,Lights Out! Mr. Sanberg and his lovely creative partner Lotta Losten are simply geniuses. I caught the short in 2014. It was one of those experiences that made me freeze in terror. After 5 minutes of a near heartattack, I tossed a penny into the Ring well and wished for a feature. Samara answered!

What’s absolutely incredible is the filmmaker’s ability to take a 3 minute short and flesh it out to a feature film. The best part is David Sanberg didn’t take away from the source material; instead he added a wonderful mythos to the darkened villian. This ultimately gave us one of the scariest films of the year!

That hand belongs to dirty Diana. She’s the entity that is menacing the family. She’s a force to be reckoned with. She will  undoubtedly be reasonable for a spike in  electric bills nationwide.

Just like the short,the entity only appears in the dark. The filmmakers pull out all sorts of nail biting scenarios. All will not be revealed here. I implore you to see the film on the big screen. Let the darkness overcome you. Hopefully you will have enough of that silver screen light on you….
….If you watch this movie SHE will follow you home. You will hear the unnatural scratching of her jagged finger nails. You will hear her creaking  in the darkness of your room. And eventually she will rip you to shreds. Goodnight.

#lightsout is a solid must see!

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