Midnight Trailer Treat: Ankle Biters

In 2007 I was leveling up life points by working at a theater in Niles, Illinois. The theater offered me an unlimited opportunity to watch movies. It was a glorious feast for the starving movie monster that lay within my mind.

This was before VOD killed limited release films. I was able to witness a few horror treats that would have most definitely premiered on Netflix this day and age. People tend to forget how deadly the VOD/streaming services really were. However, this rambling tale is not about what I saw on the Silver Screen in 2007. It is about working at the theater and taking my break one wintery night that was a Tuesday.

Taking my final break I decided to skip out on a meal and cruise the aisles of the dollar store that was inside the mall. Everybody in the area knows that Golf Mill Mall is literally the scum underneath a dumpster. This dumpster mall did have one thing that was a pretty cool Dollar Store mentioned prior.  It was in this dollar store that I would find crap DVDs. They would mostly be John Wayne serials or really, really bad 70’s exploitation films. But sometimes I  would find gems like the 2002 epic,  Ankle Biters. Midget vampires, that is all. WITNESS!!

Ankle Biters Trailer


I bought this DVD in a heartbeat. When I got home in the wee hours of the morning I popped this mofo into my computer and watched the beautiful trash within. It was so damn ridiculous that I couldn’t help admire it.

Filmmaker Adam Minarovich gave it his all. He made a God damn movie about midget vampires. He dedicated his money, time, and dreams to make the movie he wanted to. I don’t know about you but that hit me right in the core. It hit me hard.

I wept.

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