Violent Gods

I do not understand the tears you shed for the man I killed. You scream for justice but I have already delivered it.

I butchered him like a hog. What else could you want? 

The man had seen the meat spill from his stomach . I fed him his last supper. He swallowed a pound of flesh, unwillingly.

I sliced his fat tongue for you. What else could you want?

Yet you writhe and convulse in mad emotion. Your tongue blabbers and lashes out like a baby.

I do not understand, human. Did you not pray for me when he beat you? Did you not pray to me when he raped you? Did you not pray for a hero to save you?

Hush, my angel dove. I have devoured his body and soul. He cannot hurt you anymore. For you have prayed to God in your darkest hour and he has sent me, Agnat the Defender.

Still you shriek. Did you expect a different God? Did you think the cosmos would send a winged sexless warrior?

Child, the God you seek is dead. Murdered by his own children. You have us, now. The Old Gods of Darkness. You will be safe. As we are many, and always listening.