Fine Dining.

She made me eat my vomit. It was a hot clay red mixture with the consistency of wet cat food. I ate my meal with a silver spoon she gave me for my birthday.

The sick squealed and writhed in protest as I scrapped it up to my cracked lips. It went down just fine with a little bit of stomach acid.

I will never complain about my wife’s cooking again.

Halloween Delight

Upon the faces of those who fright

Ancient haunts will delight

Under witches moonlight.

All will giggle,

And all with glee

For something sweet and sugary

Skeletons in cobbed hats

silly little tykes dressed as bats

and very confused cats dressed as rats!

All are equal on this night,

When the pumpkins are a’ light

Boo! Squeek! Eek! Halloween Fright!