A Candid Murder

The girl in the red hoodie ran past again without seeing me. This is what I wanted. This is what I needed to become a hunter.

Through my JVC compact handycam, the girl in red was my age – roughly 15 to 16 years old. She had black hair that would sometimes free itself from the confines of her hood. Sometimes, when the breeze was just right, I could smell vanilla.

Today I left school early because this would be my last recording before the next and final step. Everything had to be perfect in order for me to continue with my initiation. That’s what The Order demanded. Failure was not an option.

I was the youngest enlister – if I failed they would disappear from me. Becoming nothing more than a broken dream of what could have been. Nothing else mattered to me besides their approval; it was what I needed in order for me to continue to honor my dad. This was the reason I had been shadowing my prey, the girl in red, for the last two weeks in the dark of the woods.

I had volunteered to be the videographer of our freshman mixer, but that wasn’t the genesis of my watching her. That began in the 7th grade. A time when everybody was innocent but me. Everybody wanted the now when I wanted nothing more than to kill her.

The news called for a frigid October evening but I couldn’t spare the extra garments. I had only a woodland camo ski mask, sweater, pants, boots, and my 6 inch knife; If I changed anything I risked exposure from the girl in red.

It was time…

Shuddering not from the cold but from the excitement, I slide my raw hand through the handycam straps and staged myself behind a thick tree. I had visioned myself behind this tree from the beginning. It was the closes to the trail path, it was meant to be…

At 3:55 PM, the girl in red had rounded the bend about 100 feet from my position. My chest tightened as my body seemingly shifted to attack mode. My entire being was ready for this moment.

It only took 30 seconds for her to pass me. She was fit. Nothing I hadn’t expected. My mental readiness turned into physical action – right as she passed me I tore passed the tree and lunged at her with my knife.

With all the mental preparation I could not have anticipated what was happening. Just as my blade was about to insert into her back, the girl in red had whipped around to face me. But it wasn’t the same girl in red that I had been documenting for the last 2 weeks. It was something that I could only register as demonic.

Her mouth ripped open beyond human ability. Without even registering what was happening, I felt a thousand serrated teeth rip into the side of my neck like a frenzied shark of Satan.

She didn’t kill me right away because I had fallen in a bloody mess. She had dragged me with ease to a thicket of dying trees. As she stood over me with a blood smeared smile that stretched beyond human ability. She picked up my camera and looked directly into the lens. And with a long finger that had erupted a jagged nail, she slowly waived it back and forth in a disapproving way.

Before she went in for the kill she spoke words that seemingly poured out of her gaping mouth like a black cloud of smog.

” I am eternal”

And she laughed a guttural laugh as she began to eat me. And all I could think about was how I wished I had went to Church last Sunday…