Celluloid Blood

Satan speaking through little girls throat,
Murder mask of absolute white,
as mothers dearest stalking fire light

Nightmare slashes deep within,
as child play things cackle and grin.
College mad men movie freaks

Lustful teeth prick porcelain flesh
pitch fork terrors terrorize the goon
as the last son howls at the angry mooon

Murky murderous fish grabs,
great boat sinker snaps jaws
as gore fest games are played with claws

Hotel Madness and the phantoms laugh,
Infinite museum / guts and mud
Deep are the halls of celluloid blood…

City of Dol’god

Evil dines within the sinister mines
specters roam freely amongst the living
no saviors, no saints
nothing but evil breathes in ancient Dol’god

Dol’god – city of diabolical depravity
wicked fanged worms that always slaughter
smiling devil children in shadowed alleyways
Governed by the daimon Agnat and his deadly daughter

Maze city of terror
fog drowned streets
tongueless voices chattering
monsters stalk sewer basements

All evil dwells in the deep
All churches fly the black flag
All roads lead to the odd
In the most depraved city of Dol’god

A Prayer

Dear Lord,

I have been a a noble servant for you since my youth. It was you who found me in the forest. It was you who talked to me in the dark shadows of that basement. You have watched over me and blanketed me in your warm fires of love and trust. Please watch over those who have wronged me. Please hurt them with all the anger you have.