The Gaunt Rants

Before I rant I’d like to update ye with me.

– I have finally acquired an apartment with my fiance. Moving will take place in a couple of weeks.

– I have worked with an extraordinary artist on a project for a popular network. Currently awaiting results if any results are to be had.

– The Winter Letters segment has been dead for 3 months. But it looks like they have returned. More updates soon.

And now this…

We are writers. Writers need to constantly experience the world around them. I’m not talking about reading them. I’m talking about living them.

I pity the poor writer that doesn’t work a real job because he needs to focus on writing. That’s a lame excuse for a lame writer.

I work in construction. I freaking build asphalt roads AND I LOVE IT!. Its here that I experience the real America. One simply cannot regurgitate through the pen if they do not consistently experience the world.

The blue collar writer is the writer who understands and feels. The William Gays of this world see things in full light. To put it simply our opinions matter because they have raw and gritty experience behind them. We fear nothing.

Within the world of experience one will eventually evolve. For example I used to be blindly liberal. I am now a confident AND proud conservative. All because of experience.

A sign of a good writer is one that challenges his/her self for the sole purpose of tasting the world we live in. You can talk to a pseudo intellectual about how they think the world works or you can ask a working gear how it works. I’ll bet all the jangle in my pocket that us gears will have the better answer.

So taste the grease, feel the grit, and enjoy being the blue collar writer that you are…if you dare.