The Winter Letters III (Audio)

Christmas has come and gone.

No letter was left behind. Just a voicemail left at 3:30am on the 29th. I can’t upload the voicemail directly but here is the link to it via google drive  ( mp3 conversion from amr )

Unknown Voicemail

I honestly can’t make it out. It actually sounds like it’s underwater. I do live by a river. Whatever this bullshit is, it has graduated to an all new level of disturbing.

I do apologies for those who would rather read my short fiction and scribbles. I just feel that I need to document this as best I can. If this escalates I want evidence so I can press charges. Is it worth it?

– The Gaunt



The Winter Letters II

It happened again.

Rose pointed out that these letters keep appearing on Wednesday. For some reason I never connected the dots.

Finding that out kind of helps me. My boss isn’t in the office Wednesday. I’m betting top dollar that he’s screwing with me – just wait until I can confirm…revenge will be sweet.

Back to the letter.


This letter is blank. Seems lazy. Scare factor down to zero. I’m still planning on watching my car tonight. See if anything happens worthwhile.


The Gaunt

The Winter Letters

Dear readers of The Graveyard Machine,

I do apologies for the long absence. Something strange started happening a couple of weeks ago that has taken up the majority of my writing time. Despite the fact that I adore tales of horror, I am not actually a diehard believer in the realm of the supernatural – but this strange event is tempting me to change my mind. One can say it is almost coaxing  me to believe.

I am all about experiences. I find they only make a writer better. So you would think that this experience would have been a goldmine. It, so far, is not. Instead of receiving a creative spark, I have received nothing but a sense of uneasiness and heavy dread. I guess it’s best to describe what has happened, and what is currently happening in what I have called, The Winter Letters.

Winter Letter #1

It started Wednesday, November 27th,– around 7am I found what appeared to be a ticket on my car windshield. Upon closer inspection it was an envelope containing a blank letter inside. Thinking nothing of it, I threw it with the other pile of crap in my car and headed off to work.

Winter Letter #2

Wednesday, December 4th, I find another envelope tucked underneath my windshield wiper. I opened it to find what appears to find a piece of paper covered in black ink. I was instantly annoyed but that turned into concern when the “inky stuff” started smelling up my car. It is not ink. It smells like oil or grease.


To be honest with you I wasn’t sure what I was thinking. Curiosity, annoyance, concern… I told my girlfriend (call her Rose), but she brushed it off.

Winter Letter #3

December 11, 2013 – Rose slept over. She drove to my house. Her car wouldn’t start this morning. Door was not fully closed, somehow that killed the battery? Jumped it. It started and we went our separate ways.

I stopped to get gas when I noticed that I had no letter. I immediately thought the letters must be from the high school kids next door. Not sure why but maybe they wanted to annoy me? I’m gonna check if any other of the neighbors cars have letters.


Left work to find another sealed letter. This is 3 letters too many. I am going to start documenting this. I have a suspicion that my boss is screwing around with me. Either way this has gotten me a bit freaked out. Why? Take a look at the final letter….


Clearly somebody copy and pasted the image. Not sure what it is but reminds me of something Clive Barker would do.

I’m Feeling off about this because it seems pointless. My only thought is that my boss is pranking me again.

I think I’m going to watch my car tonight.

-The Gaunt

Self-Publishing is Not a Sin

An inside look on self-publishing from an actual author.

Mind Grunge

Greetings, Dreamers!

Today I wanted to just talk a bit about Self-Publishing for all my friends and followers who are also self-publishing.  I have learned a great deal about the industry, and the traditional publishers are starting to see that they are quickly becoming antiquated.

My first book Waking Dream: Devlin is actually published through a real publisher.  However, my novellas and Immortal Memories are self published.

After a great deal of thought, it occurred to me that most publishers are now moving to Print On Demand and eBook services.  The same exact services that one can get through Amazon, CreateSpace or Smashwords. So I’ve decided, at least for the moment, to stay with self-publishing.  But here are some observations that you may find helpful.

Good Investments:

If you are not a graphic designer, then you should definitely get someone to design the cover for you.  The cover…

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