Agnat’s Choice

Agnat could not believe the flesh he bore; the way it hugged his sinewy hide. He was overwhelmed with pleasure at the utter humanity he felt within it: Pain, pleasure – all of it was at last his to be had, but all this at a monstrous price.
Agnat the Defiler was of course a half bred demon from the black realms of Hell. Within him he carried the hate of the Ancient Ones, the ones who gnashed their teeth at the accursed Christ God. But it was his other half, the half that was raped and tortured as a flesh soul that triggered Agnats earthly curiosity. It was the dreams of the flesh that truly tortured him so.
And now, after a harrowing flight from his kin, Agnat had found himself surfaced. His rotten heart – if he it was indeed a heart at all – had instantly began beating rapidly as he sucked in the air, and strangely, despite the hissing from his brethren below, found it to be sweet and refreshing. But he had no time to enjoy his new surroundings, for he had to find the girl that plagued his dreams.
If he was correct, the girl would be sleeping somewhere in the French Quarter of New Orleans – she was a poor girl without shelter. This would make the possession easy.  But until then, he was already rogue —I don’t get this. consider rephrasing.
“If word had reached Master, he would surely surface and devour me whole. “
The thought of his master in the flesh made the crawlers in his stomach slither uneasily.
Pulling his victim’s shabby jacket closer to himself,  Agnat began to slowly dip in and out of the shadows that draped Royal Street. To his left, he heard the drunken sinners on Bourbon street, an ocean of sin that called out to him like a hungry voice.
If he stayed in the presence of the girl the sentinels of hell would easily overtake him; they, of course, had no true idea why he left. His dreams, a curse of the flesh soul, was his and his alone.
After a few blocks, the presence of the girl had become so strong he could literally smell her stink. It excited Agnat to the point where he abandon ed all sense of fear. The girl was located on the top floor of an old brick building that occupied the corner of the street.
Running, Agnat jumped on the ivy covered wall, and crawled his way to her balcony. Shaking with delight, he slowly opened the window and slipped inside her room.
There she was; sleeping alone in a heap of dirty blankets. In a shadowy stride, Agnat was next to her, kneeling, sniffing her body. It was too much for the agent of hell. A smile erupted upon is borrowed flesh face, and the smile ripped the cheeks like thin slices of meat, leaving two large slits that gave him permanent smile. Without hesitation, Agnat whispered deeply in her ear.
It all happened so fast. Like a black tidal wave, Agnat was transferred to the girls body – her soul chained deep within his stomach. She had no time to scream or even protest, which made Agnat uneasy. But before he could contemplate this, he felt it; the Godly burn of Him, the all-powerful, the white light, the purifier, the creator.
And before Agnat could flee to the cover of night, he found himself transported to a blazing white room, and in front of him stood the Great Father of heaven and earth. With a voice as soft as snow but as strong as a hurricane he spoke.
“What is it that you want, Agnat?”
“To live…the flesh”

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