All Hallows Eve.

Here lies a poem inspired by HP Lovecraft. I’ve finally did some nipping and tucking to come to what I believe is the final piece. Enjoy!

– The Gaunt

Rubescent moon waxing o’er ghoul infested bayous

Spears of light thro’ haunting cypress trees

On Howling lupine creatures of ancient lore

As devils dance ghoulishly over hells open door

       A chthonic masquerade

Borrowed flesh masks hath been made

To celebrate this, All Hallows Eve

And hold high all those souls who still grieve


Can ye remember, if truly tried

Ere the crown of thickly thrones

And the showering of golden horns

The bygone nights danse macabre

            A  waltz for the skeleton crew

That drank freely the cemetery dew

Whilst feasting on the living glow

With the raven and the crow


Infinite was the torture of time

Dagon and dragon struggled to survive

Even the monsters that you fear

Can shed a despairing tear

          A nightmare for nightmare makers

But lo, a pact was struck with  the undertakers

All the damned were set free

With the slow turn of the God key


Hell night hath returned upon the mortal shores

Begin again the screaming of the earthwalking whores

And on reapers hill the factory of doom,

Smoked and coughed again the smogs of gloom

           A grand party, a monstrous affair

All the living will fall into despair

As we celebrate this All Hallows Eve

And hold high those souls who still grieve.

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