Ep. 11: A King Among Monsters

We are back! Man, does it feel good to record and release a fresh episode of It’s Alive Horror Podcast. This time around we record live on the cursed Skull Island. On this most monstrous island we talk Kong: Skull island, Halloween, and the cancelled Friday the 13th!

I hope you enjoy big number 11!

It's Alive! Horror Podcast

To celebrate the cinematic return of the great ape, we’re broadcasting directly from the mysterious Skull Island! From there we discuss all things King Kong including what we know of his new adventure Kong: Skull Island. But King Kong isn’t the only frightening wonder on our list. We unwrap Universal Studio’s The Mummy,  mourn the death of Jason Vorhees, celebrate the return of The Boogeyman, and predict the future of the Horror genre. It’s an episode so large and monstrous that Carl Denham would want to display us in New York! It’s new! It’s terrifying! It’s Alive!

You can download this episode by right clicking here.

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Ep. 9: A Nightmare on All Hallow’s Eve — It’s Alive! Horror Podcast

Happy Halloween! Spend the night listening to the most laid back horror podcast on the web!

Halloween has arrived. But at what cost?! Tonight we leave the crypt to take a stroll down Elm Street to pitch a Nightmare of our own. But fear not, we’ve made a few pit stops along the way. We visit Camp Crystal Lake knowing Jason’s return, hit Castle Frankenstein to be triggered by the Bride, […]

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Episode 8 is released. We get controversial!

Ep.8: Thirty One Deadly Demonic Days – http://wp.me/p7Ee93-2o

We’re doing a 31 questionnaire in this episode. We are well aware that a lot of our contact in this episode is controversial. However, we love to stir the pot. It was one of my favorite episodes to record.

Co-host Chris has been a friend of mine over a decade. In recording these episodes for our podcast we always discover something new about each other. I always enjoy finding out that my opinions are always better….just kidding!!!!…

Chris did a fantastic job editing this and I hope everybody gets to enjoy episode 8 of it’s alive horror podcast..

Ep.7: Rise Of The Rotting Reviews!

It's Alive! Horror Podcast

Tonight, we crawl back into the writhing weathered womb of the weird to deliver our thoughts on some of the current hottest horror flicks. We take a trip to the “Upside Down” when we discuss Stranger Things. Then we head to the lab and pull up a slab to explain 2015’s misunderstood Victor Frankenstein. Follow us into the woods as we get lost with The Blair Witch and end up playing 31 with some captured carnies. If all that wasn’t enough we also talk the Halloween season, listener mail, and much more. It may not be Halloween yet, but tonight’s the night we come home.

You can download this episode by right clicking here.

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Blair Witch Movie Review

So my doctor told me I have high blood pressure. I guess it’s unusual for someone my age to have it. Stress related or something. I’m all good, though. That is until I saw the official Blair Witch sequel.

I tried standing up when the lights turned on. I guess I was rigid with fear because my knees almost gave out on me! I was totally exhausted. The Blair Witch totally kicked my ass.

I was expecting a good movie that milked the source. What we got instead was a Force Awakens type of experience. The original served as the foundation and the rest was completely building up more of the mythology. On top of that the filmmaking behind this gem was absolutely on point. 

Director Adam Wingard utilized some fresh found footage techniques. Everything from drone footage to mini cameras. Beautiful work. The thing that I loved was the reason for having the footage displayed in such away makes complete sense. 

The icing on the cake was the pure and utter terrifying suspense that was carefully dropped on us. It all blended so damn well I nearly died. Thank God I didn’t get a heartattack because I would have missed the the insane ending!
Blair Witch is undoubtedly going to become a huge franchise that will dominate the box office. I’m on board with what Lionsgate and company have up their sleeve. The Blair Witch is only the beginning of the nightmare! I can see this going to so many different places. Not just in story but in marketing as well. Just gimme it all!


Its Alive Horror Podcast: Ep.6!

Our latest episode dropped yesterday. Podcasting was something we always wanted to do. So when we record each episode we do so in total awe. The awe factor is slowly going away. In its wake we are becoming more human. We are stripping our cautious hides and running naked through the horror Podcasting realm. It is a glorious feeling.

Our mission is to delve in all the feels we have for horror. It’s not just movies that drive us. It’s the atmosphere that horror, Halloween, and all things spooky creates. We desire to be one loud radio advertising all things horror all the damn time. We simply needed an outlet in which Chris and I could talk about Boo Berry and Universal Monsters in a public arena. It’s Alive Horror Podcast is that arena.


Ep.6: Days Of Halloween Past | It’s Alive! A Horror Podcast


Ep.6: Days Of Halloween Past

It's Alive! Horror Podcast

Tonight we cook up a batch of nostalgic brew from our cauldron of history. What are some of your favorite personal memories of the Halloween season? We discuss costumes, tricking, treating, Booberry and so much more. We’re powering up the lab and playing Dr. Frankenstein  to discuss what we’d bring back to life this Halloween season! Plus we take a brief walk down Elm Street with recasting rumors that brings us nightmares. Don’t go out tonight. It’s spooky out there. Stay in and listen to us talk about old Halloween things.

You can download this episode by right clicking here.

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Rob Zombies 31 

I just saw Rob Zombies 31. I’ll cut the shit to the bone: it was awesome!!! This is a mix of the most Dangerous Game infused with the brilliance of Mr. Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie makes Rob Zombie movies. 

31 is the return of brute horror. Zombie said he relishes the sleazy films of the 70’s. He loves it so much that he pays homage to the brand in all his films. He is the curator of the rotting wound that hides under the scab of modern horror. 

In 31 he gives us a simple story. Carnies get kidnapped by a sadistic cult. They must survive the night. Boom. Done. It needs nothing more. Think about all the classic 70’s horror films. They are ultra simplistic in plot. It works.

What makes this film extra special is the simply awesome and deranged characters called Heads. The Top Gun is Doom-Head. This guy is one of my favorite RZ characters now! He’s filled with Twisted morals and poetic gutter dialogue. You love to hate him.

Everybody did a fantastic job in this movie. The soundtrack was awesome, the 70s score was fantastic, the editing was top knotch, the direction is perfect and the acting was great.
After a decade of Supernatural films it’s always nice to get a Rob Zombie experience. I implore everybody to witness this horror show. Remember that horror can only survive if you pay up when good horror is released. 

I Found The Spirit of Halloween 

I usually find myself at a thrift store or flea market on any given Sunday. However, when Halloween hits all plans change – top priority is to plunder all things Halloween. I’m talking pumpkin patches, haunted houses, ghost tours, and Halloween stores. And that is exactly what I did today! Behold SPIRIT HALLOWEEN 2016!! 

Spa Day mask.

Every year my jaw falls off when I see the new seasons innovations. The gore, the masks, and the mechanical spooks are absolutely killer. This year is simply looking to be one of the best!

LSD is not fun.

From the clearcoat looking wounds to the carefully painted blood, these props are terrifying! Even the severed neckline has this rough texture that puts the prop a-head of the game.

One of my favorite things to see are the new mechanical characters. Especially if if they bring back the killer SCARECROW! Ya gotta love his dialogue!


By far one of the best masks I’m the store today. The creep factor is on point with this no faced stfu mask.

So here is a classic. A classic that THEY never get correct. I’m not sure why but Myers seems to always be off. That is if you by the budget masks. The hair and mold seems so…Nicolas Cage?

This guy reminded me of something Clive Barker would have conjured up. He’s totally scary as shit. His background noise was getting louder and louder. I’m sure he’ll be a huge sell!

This gorgeous lady was totally rocking this Woman in Black thing. I’d tap that…

A face only a mother could love. Once again the masks are a huge win at Spirit Halloween!

I need that cutout!

This set was insane! Three headed devil dogs kick major Halloween ass!! 

I love signs. This sign was a quick buy! Spirit Halloween is the best place for a Halloween party!

The hotel set was perfect. I wonder if you can buy the whole thing? I’m sure you can if the price is right.

Boo from Ghorewhore! Halloween 2016 is going to kick so much monster ass!!!!